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Spring & Summer in the Tawases


​It's hard to imagine that springtime could be more beautiful anywhere else than the woods and waters that make up the Tawas Bay area. Supporting the slogan "Pure Michigan". As natures awakens in the spring photographers, fisherman, turkey hunters and nature lovers of all kinds return to join in the spring pagentry. 


Summer offers lazy days on the beach, bike rides along the shore, searching for treasures in the quaint shops and sampling the local cusine. No two trips to the Tawas area are ever the same. The people are friendly, the sites plenitful and memories many.

As life-long residents of the Tawas area we are proud to offer new and returning visitors alike, the most convenient and comfortable accomodations the area has to offer. Don't hesitate to enjoy the beautiful sunrises, wildlife and new friends awaiting your arrival.


Fall & Winter in the Tawases


The color change along the "Sunrise Side" is breathtaking. Mother nature is at it's most majestic during the fall entertaining hunters, fisherman and tourists alike. The Tawas area boasts some of the most productive hunting and fishing in the state. 


One of the main Winter attractions in the Tawases is known as Perchville USA. When winter freezes Tawas Bay each year, hundreds of perch fisherman move fishing shanties onto the bay's ice, making Perchville USA, the largest non-land community festival in Northeast Michigan. Perchville was created by a Harold Gould, a local druggist. Today it is organized by the local Chamber of Commerce. Perchville's annual Chili Cookoff Competition eighteen years ago, and is still one of the main attractions to this day. This year (2012) marked the 62nd annual Perchville USA. 

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